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"SP Master Ltd", Cherkassy, ​​Ukraine, is a limited liability company.
The company "SP Master Ltd" with its own production facilities - since 1992 the undisputed leader in Ukraine for the production of products from reinforced laminated plastic.
The use of this material has a significant advantage in comparison with the products of metal and plastic casting. Pre-production , tooling creation , an order of magnitude lower than on expensive parts. Gel coat and resin with different properties allow you to create products with a wide range of applications: resistant to aggressive media , UV , sea and river water, Fire safety , etc. while maintaining good physical and technical properties and low specific weight.

This greatly increases the longevity of our products and gives the finished functional and aesthetic appearance.The development of our company are carried out with the help of computer CAD / CAM system, " Simatron -90" reg . 2685 . The company is also certified by the Shipping Register of Ukraine:
The main activities of the company are:
  • Production tooling for forming articles of reinforced laminated plastics with airless spray gel coating method.
  • Marine-based laminates forming the contact.
  • Design and creation of models and tooling based on the software "CIMATRON" system "CAD / CAM".
The main production is divided into three areas:
  1. Create different types of vessels, from 10-meter yacht to a small dinghy-Kartopya. A variety of accessories, own production, for ships and yachts from the cockpit wheelhouse 25-meter boats, as ready-to-install parts to the input (cap) covers, several types of boat sinks, wash basins, plastic pockets for halyards, sheets and other things.
  2. Design and manufacture of parts and components for the chemical and food engineering as power use and decorative. Various parts for vehicles, front and rear masks buses, spoilers, roofs, bumpers, wheel fairings and so on. As well as city-lights, Plotter vacuum tables channels, door facing the flag, falshkollony, ceiling and other architectural modules, corner bath and faceplates for all baths and so on and so forth.
  3. Production of industrial equipment of any degree of complexity and the writing process card when you run into a series of products.
Modern materials, systems design, marketing methods to meet almost any of your requests.